Ms. Anna Bulfone Lawyer



After attempting classical studies, she enrolled at the Faculty of Law at the University of Trieste.
During her studies she attended the Summer Seminar organized by the Fordham Law School in New York for "U.S. Law Legal System ", and she got an Erasmus scholarship program by attending the" Master 2 "courses at the Faculty of Law at the Université of Strasbourg.
She obtained her Master's Degree in Law by discussing a thesis with Paolo Giangaspero Professor entitled "Equal pay between man and woman: historical evolution, application profiles and future prospects".
She has been practicing forensics at the Bulfone Legal Studio based in Udine, and she has been enrolled in the Udine Lawyers Association since 2012, she passed the Examination for Exercising Forensic Profession at the 2011 session.
She carries on the profession mainly in Civil and civil proceedings matter, in particular obligations, contractual and non-contractual liability, and family and succession field.
She also deals with credit recovery and enforcement procedures.

Foreign languages known: English, French.