The Studio deals with Contacts by providing assistance for all the legal issues that both contracting entities and contractors are investing. The experience acquired has created a number of specific skills in the field of:

- Assistance to the predisposition of tender notice and of agreements, both in the agreements of works field that in the agreements of services field and supplies;

- Assistance in the preparation of the tender documents both in the framework of works contracts and in the agreements of services and supplies field;

- Assistance in the tendering and issues related to the light of the Dlgs. 50/2016 and the guidelines issued by A.N.A.C.;

- Assistance in pre-controversy;

- Drafting of legal opinions;

- Project financing;

- Assistance by editing instances, memos and reports for A.N.A.C.;

- Assistance in sanctioning proceedings initiated by A.N.A.C.;

- Assistance in the phase of judicial proceedings.