Bank and Finance

The Studio provides legal assistance and advice with respect to all aspects related to the special discipline connected to the primary and secondary legislation, the Studio is specialized in structuring and implementing innovative and complex operations, both domestic and transnational, by combining waste knowledge of the Italian market to a European and international perspective. In particular, the Studio has gained considerable experience with regard to the various types of operations in the credit and financial sectors which includes the issue of financial instruments and their listing on regulated markets, the formation, placement and distribution of investment funds, the creation of real or bank guarantees or autonomous guarantees, project financing, leasing and factoring contracts, the sale of credits as well as securitization and access to GACS , the Studio assists the customer at all stages of operations, including structuring, drafting and negotiating agreements and bid documents, regulatory and compliance profiles, and entertaining relationships with market institutions and supervisory authorities (including Consob , European Central Bank, Bank of Italy, Ministries and Authority Guarantor of Competition and Market).