Business credit to the enterprises and easy Finance

Referred to the Business credit to enterprises and easy Finance Area Mr. Vinci Lawyer offers its assistance to important companies and credit institutions, as well as to the State, Regional and Local Public Administrations in corporate credit and the management of public funds and facilitating tools field.
In addition, due diligence in the main financing operations, he provides constant and prompt support to the customer in the preparatory phase of public participation tenders for the choice of the fund manager, alongside the internal offices of the client in the activity of checking the tenders, requirements for participation and the subsequent stages of the procedure.
Mr. Vinci Lawyer also carries out its activities with regard to companies from one side intend to access to public or private funding, as well as to sign specific program agreements or other co-ordination tools for facilitating interventions.
Mr. Vinci Lawyer has also acquired the same professionalism in the following activities, often carried out by credit institutions and companies in the sector, such as Intermediate Bodies, Evaluating and Verifying Claims submitted by Individual Economic Operators for Access to Agevolative Instruments, support customer internal offices for analyzing critical issues emerging in documentary audits and, above all, for issuing specific legal advice.
In addition, Mr. Vinci Lawyer has acquired specific expertise in supporting its customers in the same institution and organization of specific offices and internal operating units that deal mainly with the legal or easy Finance and private partnerships area.
Finally, upon completing the support activity provided in the sector concerned, Mr. Win Lawyer assists its clients in all litigation activity before the competent judicial authorities.