Mr. Claudio Vinci Lawyer



Claudio Vinci is graduated in Law at the University of Palermo.
From July 2004 until November 2011 he worked as Lawyer in studio specialized in Public Law. He dealt issues relating to the relationship between Community legislation and Regional legislation regarding the reclamation of industrial sites, with particular reference to accountability. He dealt with a number of issues concerning the compatibility profiles between the Community acquis communautaire and regional legislation. He has increased how to implement the Community Regulation on Local Transport, with particular reference to the extension of existing management and the opening times of a competitive market.
He also studied the subject of the Judicial Regime of Renewable Energy.
Mr. Vinci Lawyer collaborated on the research project on the modification of Title V Part II of the Constitution and its implementation. Later, in 2011, always animated by the profound passion for law, he founded the Law Studio Vinci with headquarters in Rome, Milan, Udine, Palermo and Syracuse where he works in the field of administrative administration.
In a few years, the Studio undertakes with the adherence of many collaborators working in different branches of law.
The Studio in details deals with the following issues: assistance to major companies, credit institutions and state, regional and local government agencies in the field of credit to the company and of the management of public funds and facilitated instruments, renewable energies, health right, the right of local authorities, the realization of port operations, the maritime affair, the management of integrated water services, the matter of contracts, urban planning and construction.
Ha prestato o presta attualmente la propria attività professionale in favore di società ed enti pubblici ed associazioni di rilievo nazionale e internazionale.
Presta altresì assistenza legale sia giudiziale che stragiudiziale, in favore di primari Istituti di credito.
The Studio gives actually professional activity to companies and public bodies and national and international associations.
The Studio also provides court and out-of-court assistance in favor of primary credit bureaus.
Mr. Vinci Lawyer has also gained waste experience in public procurement and the management of the waste and water cycle area by virtue of the legal advice and assistance provided to various Service Operators.
In favor of such operators, he has carried out assistance activities, both in the management of environmental issues, following the application of Legislative Decree no. 152/2006 and related to the service operated, both in the fulfillment of the functions of the concessionary subject of a public service.
In the energy sector, he has provided his legal assistance in the permit, incentive procedure and management of all issues related to renewable and non-renewable facilities, by virtue of legal counseling and legal assistance provided in favor of various domestic and foreign companies and industry leaders.
In favor of such operators, he also carries out assistance in adjudicating injurious acts issued by the Administrations, as well as in the appeal of acts of a regulatory nature immediately prejudicial to the category.
In the public procurement field, thanks to the long experience gained, he has developed within his studies a series of specific competences in the field of:

  • assistance to the predisposition of Tender notice and of the agreements, both regard to agreements of works and agreements of services and supplies;
  • assistance in the preparation of the tender documents both in the framework of the contracts of works and agreements of services and supplies;
  • assistance in a tender;
  • assistance in pre-litigation;
  • drafting of legal opinions; project financing; assistance by drafting instances, memos and reports for A.N.A.C; assistance in sanctioning proceedings initiated by A.N.A.C; assistance in the phase of judicial proceedings.

Foreign languages known: English, French.