The Studio assists its clients with its expertise in the court litigation field.
As for procurement area with ten years’ experience, the Studio assists the Administrative Judge of the measures issued by P.A which violates the rights of their assistants, including claims for damages.
The Studio has also gained a special experience in banking and financial litigation with particular regard to the following profiles: the responsibility of the credit and financial intermediary for any kind of irregularity or fraud; indemnification actions in the event of fraud and misappropriation by financial promoters of sums entrusted to management; issues between banks and customers: for example, relinquishing and revoking banking relationships; invalidity of mortgages and loans; issues related to pledges, warranties and guarantees; leasing and factoring contracts; invalidity of clauses in banking contracts; ususry and compound interest in banking operations, trip-off in security boxes, and any other type of containment in the banking sector; controversial issues between financial intermediaries and clients on the liability of the intermediary for financial investments and debt obligations; bad management and default of the intermediary; issues relating to financial and derivatives instruments, and any other type of litigation relating to investment services.
As far as corporate law is concerned, the Studio assists clients in the proceedings before the Court of First Instance, the Bankruptcy Sections of the Courts and arbitration proceedings, the disputes between members and the one related to members and companies, the recourse procedures of the deliberations and board of directors, as well as in actions of responsibility towards directors and statutory auditors.
As for tax law field, the Studio assists its clients in disputes before the relevant tax tribunals for the preparation of appeals, memos, suspension of recovery, participation in hearings, etc., as well as for the possible definition by judicial conciliation.
The Civilian Civilization has also gained long experience in the causes of medical responsibility and responsibility of the Ministry of Health of the Infected Blood as well as for the recognition of indemnity ex lege 210/1992.
As for family law areas, the Studio has a solid experience in both legal and judicial separation proceedings as well as divorce proceedings.
In the area of ​​succession rights, the Studio assists its clients in the inheritance cases and in the judgments of division of goods.